The first book on Flex 4 was released earlier this month in the uk, I know its a bit late for a XMAS gift request but it maybe a nice book to get in the new year ready for the Flex 4 Release.

Hello! Flex 4
Title : Hello! Flex 4
Ref. No : 147230

Author : Peter Armstrong
Price*: £17.74 RRP: £24.99 Discount: 29%  
User level: Programmer – Int/Adv  
Date pub: Dec 2009  
Description : Flex should be as easy to learn as it is to use. And with Hello! Flex 4, it is! This illustrated tutorial builds your know-how from the first Hello World example up to a practitioner level using an entertaining style that makes learning a breeze. You’ll learn to make easy-to-use interfaces, eye-catching animations, and powerful data-driven …

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One Response to First Flex 4 Book

  1. Marc Esher says:

    Just got my copy, Kev. I buzzed through Chapter 1 the other day (one of the free chapters), liked it enough, and then saw today from Ryan Stewart that you can, at least right now, use this code to get the e-version (pdf) for 10 bucks: hf410

    It’s certainly not a deep dive, but then again, who needs another 1000 page book on the old bookshelf?

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