Just noticed that my Beta copy of Flex Builder 3 expires in 2 days does this mean their will be another beta release??? Or closer to a launch???

I hope there is a code update or some way to extend it other then buying Flex Builder 2, which will extend it to end of October apparently.


7 Responses to Flex Builder 3 Beta Expires Soon

  1. Leif Wells says:

    I have no knowledge about future betas or release schedules, but you can try entering your Flex Builder 2 serial number… it has worked for me in the past

  2. Chris says:

    If you have a copy of Flex Builder 2, use that SN to extend the trial period. There is a license file that you can edit to ‘update’ your number.

  3. Leif Wells says:

    Oh, I just saw what you wrote about Flex Builder 2. What?!? You don’t own Flex Builder 2?!? What were you thinking?

  4. Big Mad Kev says:

    Had it at my last company now just need to justify it again. Long story. But been missing it. Will be taking the dive soon on my own personal copy once 3 is out the door ;)

  5. Tony Fendall says:

    You’d hope that the next release (beta 2) would be coming out soon, but I haven’t heard anything about it…
    It would be a real pitty if legitimate developers suddenly had to stop working

  6. Dan Wilson says:


    ‘Legitimate’ developers wouldn’t be relying on beta, time-expiry software to deliver applications, would they?


  7. Andychou says:

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